Winter Tyres

Winter and All Weather Tyres

Winter Tyres

All Weather Tyres

Summer tyres are much less effective at temperatures below 7 degrees C (most of our winter) they are also less effective in the rare occasions that snow lies on the ground. A solution is a tyre designed to work brilliantly all the year round in our climate not too hot, not too cold, quiet wet and a little snowy. All weather tyres are a great choice for our driving conditions providing lots of grip in the dry with cleaver tread blocks giving great wet grip that won’t leave you stranded in the snow and slush

• Enables the tyres to operate well in all weather conditions.
• Safer on the road in all weather conditions.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are a safer option in cold weather as they enhance:-

• Braking and handling performance on wet roads
• Braking and handling performance on icy roads
• Braking and handling performance on snowy roads

They are designed to cope with all types of wintery weather conditions, giving better grip in cold wet, muddy, slushy, icy and snowy environments.



• Improves winter fuel consumption.
• Reduces the risk of accidents, avoiding injury.
• Enables you to use your vehicle in snowy conditions.
• Less wear and tear on clutch parts.

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